*Due to Corona we are not currently offering this residency. Should things change we would love to start offering it.

Casa Fantastica is a domestic art residency seeking to support mothers with young children through the inclusion of their mothering needs. Space Fantastic invites serious artists struggling to work to spend 10 days in a child friendly home with a small studio. At the end of this residency the work will be displayed in Space Fantastic, a miniature domestic gallery. A small salon lunch event will have the work and it’s context as it’s theme.

The assumed ideal way of working within the arts is centred around the idea of working in isolation and with unending time in a large fully equipped studio. Professional practice in the 21st century is rarely able to rely on these conditions with or without children or spousal support. This residency is the antithesis of all we assume needed to practice art professionally. One of the issues many artists are facing is that there is by now sufficient and engaging virtual dialogue and network for mothers in art but not enough possibility to work. Making the leap from virtual to live contact with other artists and the physical possibility to work still seems very challenging for many. Those with children under 4 are the most vulnerable to professional isolation and a complete halt in productivity.